Client Testimonials


I’ve been coming to the Philadelphia School of Massage and Bodywork for about a year and I’ve never been disappointed. Staff and students are professional, skilled, and friendly, the facility is lovely, and the price is right. I highly recommend going here for anyone. 

Jessica E., client

Very nice set up, I would highly recommend this location to anyone looking to receive a massage. The cost is great and it benefits both the student and the receiver. I will be back, at these prices I can afford a quality massage more often!

Anonymous, client

Loved it!! I’ve already started to recommend this place to friends and coworkers! 

Joe S., client
I am an active and relatively healthy person; however, I sought relief for chronic low back pain with occasional debilitating spasms. I tried different masseuses in the Yardley area and while they all granted me some degree of relief, it was very short lived. By happy accident, I discovered Theresa and immediately noticed the difference. As both an instructor and practitioner with many years experience, she has a comprehensive knowledge of massage, to which she adds her knowledge of human anatomy, stretching techniques, and yoga to give clients a truly healing experience. She is a person who really cares about the wellbeing of her clients, is devoted to her craft, and has been essential to eliminating my back spasms and maintaining a higher degree of overall health with less pain.
Eric Jacobsen, client
I would recommend Theresa Tobin Macy and her Advanced Corrective Therapies course to anyone who is looking for a comprehensive, hands-on, thought-provoking, applicable approach to their practice. Unlike some courses that try to cram in too much information, Theresa combines the right balance of theory/assessment, body mechanics, and technique. Her course taught me the finer skills of affecting the deeper layers of soft tissue as well as improving my client/therapist communication skills. A great value for the novice or experienced massage practitioner.
Derek MacMahon, LMT, client
I am a regular client of Donna Zadie at Blue Alchemy, and I recommend her work without reservation. I spend my days hunched over a laptop or holding my two-year-old, and my muscles love to bunch and tighten. Donna does something amazing: she truly listens. Then she applies her well-honed techniques and her positive energy to really heal. Last month I had some medical problems, and all of the pain and tension that resulted from them had settled into my lower left back. Donna concentrated on that section, with incredible results, I walked away with zero pain, where I had hardly been able to walk, She has a gift.
Sarah G., client
I have been a client of the Blue Alchemy Healing for several years now and I have been extremely happy with the varied services of massage treatment. They have conducted some corporate events as well with extreme professionalism. Whether I had gone to their office, home visit or corporate event. They have been fantastic.
Joe V., client