Lisa Dee, a former sales executive, overcame chronic fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome as a result of working with reiki and other spiritual tools and holistic nutrition.

By way of a happy accident, she came across a Holistic psychologist, who also happens to use a myriad of ancient healing methods such as Reiki, shamanism, metaphysical healing and much more. Only by way of demonstration and Lisa’s strong will and determination in the process of getting well, Lisa was shown a new path and calling.

In discovering Reiki, she eventually expanded her knowledge and skill in metaphysical healing, Shamanism and The Therapy of the Soul Method TM –a method based on Eastern and Western mystical practices of healing. Due to Lisa’s own personal experience and having had breast cancer not too long ago, Lisa works with people from all walks of life. This includes but not limited to the following: Chronic illness, cancer, anxiety, stress, grief, relationship issues; personal growth and even women who are pregnant. Lisa has experience working in both spa and clinical settings. In fact, The National Center for Integrative Health (NIH) recognizes Reiki as energy medicine and has become more mainstream in the way we treat health conditions. Lisa is passionate about empowering and teaching all levels of Reiki and offering various workshops Lisa is also certified in classical beginner mat Pilates.

Hence over 14 years later, she evolved herself into becoming a highly-respected Reiki Master, teacher, shamanic healer and a compassionate individual who empowers people from the inside out, offering a multitude of modalities herself as a way to get to the root cause of Dis-ease, anxiety, reaching personal goals and knowing for sure we are more than what our five senses can show us.