Julia began her journey into integrated health and massage therapy in college where she focused on religious sociocultural anthropology. During her studies, she became fascinated by eastern concepts of human energetic systems and the impact of touch through ritual and social ceremonies. After her sophomore year, she decided to enroll at the Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia, where she received certification for massage in 2005 and Shiatsu certification in 2007.

In the course of Julia’s career she has worked at some of the top wellness centers in the city, including the Snyman Chiropractic Group and Triune Chiropractic Counseling Center. She was able to hone her skills while working under the guidance of these professionals and also began incorporating a more holistic approach to her treatment plans.

In 2009, she returned to Massage Arts to become an instructor of massage and shiatsu until 2012 when the school closed. It was not long after that Julia and fellow massage therapist and former colleague, Donna Maria Zadie, decided to team up and fill the massage and holistic education void. Three and a half years of hard work, late nights, early mornings, meetings, and thousands of massages later, their vision has finally become a reality and The Philadelphia School of Massage and Bodywork, along with Blue Alchemy Healing Center, has opened it’s doors.