PSMB offers a full time day program and a part time evening program.

Our curriculum is an adult education program and students can expect to have a moderate workload during studies.  We understand that everyone's schedule and time availability is different, so we have both a day full time program and an evening part time program.



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Students will begin their curriculum with our Fundamentals of Massage Therapy course. This class will teach students about the theory, history, and proper application of Swedish massage to specific muscle groups. Students will learn how to recognize different conditions that clients might present, indications and contraindications for massage, hygiene standards, sheet draping, body mechanics, client documentation, professional ethics, and self care. This course will also help students establish camaraderie amongst their classmates through team building and practicum exercises as well as develop personal professional ethics.

This course provides a strong foundation in the structure, function and pathologies of the human body as they relate to the practice of massage therapy. This knowledge will serve as a foundation for the critical thinking required of massage therapists when making therapeutic decisions. In this course students will learn basic medical terminology, body organization, basic cytology and histology, as well as the structure, function and pathologies of the 11 systems of the body as they relate to massage therapy.

This course begins with a discussion of anatomical terminology and navigating the body through planes of motion, anatomical positions and movement directions. During this course students will learn the bones of the skeletal systems and bony landmarks used for skeletal muscles attachment sites. Each muscle insertion, origin, and kinesiology actions will be taught in detail. Students will practice locating, palpating, and demonstrating the actions of both superficial and deep skeletal muscles. Students will also learn how to integrate the use of palpation as a tool for assessment and creating treatment strategies.

This course will prepare the student to complete postural assessments, evaluate the findings and patterns to guide a treatment strategy. The combination of modalities and approaches prepares the student to coordinate a treatment sequence. This strategy utilizes the clinical progression of layering techniques beginning with an assessment, general tissue preparation, specific tissue preparation, specific corrective techniques application, and muscle lengthening techniques.

Complementary Modalities courses are offered after the students complete their core classes and will help introduce students to different forms of massage and bodywork techniques. They are intended to assist students solidify the techniques they’ve already learned, hone their own individual style and incorporate new skills. Courses may include, but are not limited to:  Foot reflexology, aromatherapy, thai massage, chakras, and  hydrotherapy.

Shiatsu is an ancient modality from Asia that works with the body's energetic meridian system to create balance within the body. This course will teach students the basic theory and application of Shiatsu. The students will take part in lectures about key concepts, Five Element theory, assessment techniques, and how to perform a full body Shiatsu session.

Our Business course is specifically designed for new massage therapists that are interested in developing their own businesses and to assist those who are unsure of their path. We know that without proper education and guidance, starting and running a business can be challenging. In this very exciting section, students will learn about writing a business plan, finances, business communication, networking, and so much more. We will also guide students in preparing for state licensure and starting a business in the city of Philadelphia and elsewhere.

Student Clinic is a model for professional practice in a supervised setting. Students are required to participate in 80 hours of Clinic and are eligible to begin after completion of the Fundamentals of Massage Therapy course. They will receive written and verbal feedback from their clients and instructors concerning the quality of their touch, professionalism, communication skills, service skills, and integrity. Clinic allows students an opportunity to practice and refine their skills in a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment where they can build self confidence in the field of massage therapy. Student Clinic hours are scheduled outside of normal class hours and it is each student’s responsibility to sign up for their clinic shifts.

Community Outreach is an experiential learning segment of the massage therapy program. The goal of Community Outreach is to demonstrate the value of connecting and contributing to the community. The skills learned will assist the student with marketing, networking, and educating the public about the effects and benefits of our work. Students may begin to schedule Community Outreach events after completion of the Fundamentals of Massage Therapy section of the program. These events are scheduled by PSMB and are outside of normal class hours. It is each students responsibility to sign up for events.



  • Full Time Program
  • 4 Days A Week
  • Tuesday through Friday
  • 10am to 3pm
  • TOTAL HOURS are 700 Hours


  • Part Time Program
  • 3-4 Days A Week
  • Tuesday through Thursday and two Mondays per month
  • 6pm to 10pm
  • TOTAL HOURS are 700 Hours


  • TUITION is $11,000
  • BOOK PACKAGE costs $750
  • Additional investments: personal massage table, sheets for classroom work, massage cream/oil, and student massage liability insurance, .